365 Days…

To be honest it’s probably been longer than three-hundred and sixty-five days, but who really cares right? I would formally apologize and bow down on my virtual knees, but as life would have it I know that no one really gives a damn when anyone says that crap because I’m normally one of the regulars that hear those excuses. So for now let’s skip the formalities, and just be honest. I’m a terrible blogger since I’ve been gone so long. Ghosting everyone is a really bad trait that I’m known to have on the web by now, but I’m so lucky to have all my followers still here. Thank you for that! Now then, this is a fairly short post just to notify everyone that I am back to write here once again. I’ve missed it, and I also will be changing the content of the blog somewhat. I will come back soon my fellow readers.



– Wow –

Hi everyone! I feel so bad TT~TT I haven’t posted in what…two months? Three months? I don’t even know >_<” All I do know is that I will try to post again, no promises though.

Now to explain why I’ve been gone. *sighs* Technically, I haven’t disappeared off the web. What happened was…I dispersed onto two different sites *hides in corner* I know I know! I should stay loyal, but I was just having so much fun that I somewhat forgot about needing to post here…As for the sites that I’ve been on, they’re AsianFanFics and Wattpad. Both are AMAZING writing sites that I absolutely ADORE. Not only that, I’ve been on my private Tumblr a lot too. Then there’s just the normal excuses like work, distracted, family, friends, etc.

Besides that, I would just like to say ‘wow’. Because if you haven’t been following me on either of those sites, then I’ll inform you right now on what’s making me so bubbly inside. I’ve been writing my latest fan fiction since last year, and it has recently gained a lot of reads, subs, and followers. OMG. 1.11K reads on Wattpad with 54 followers. Then over on AFF (AsianFanFics) I have reached 1,300+ reads with 64 subscribers!! It’s really cool for me to know that so many people like my writing. With this type of reaction, it has pushed me forward with my writing. I have definitely improved on my writing. I have started to update WAY MORE than I used to. And I’m much more social and responsive with my readers πŸ˜€ I would like to thank you all here for staying with me even though I haven’t posted in FOREVER. To show my appreciation, I will try to post at least once or twice a month. I really am fulfilled with writing my fan fiction, so blogging is kind of second nature to that. But I will attempt to post again so stay with me, okay?

So that’s it. I will try to post about something more interesting soon~ so stay tuned for that ^^ Bye!

Hey there…

I know I haven’t posted in forever, but I am planning on coming back! I never really left in the first place. I just got busy, that’s all ^^

Today’s post will be short, but has serious opinions about what is happening. It is about Ji Yong, so if you are a fan of GD and BIGBANG, please take the time to read what I have to say. Maybe you will even implement what I have to say…

So I don’t have a Twitter anymore since I never truly used it. This topic has to do with someone’s success, Twitter, and crude fans. Ji Yong, better known as G-Dragon, has recently reached four million followers on Twitter *applause*! Seems like a happy thing, no? Guess what, it is a happy thing, but fans are trampling it. Not just any fans either. HIS fans. Fans of BIGBANG. They have decided to play a joke (that isn’t even funny, just immature and rude) to unfollow him since he reached that many followers. Now tell me that is not rude? Β I have a Tumblr, and I posted on there when I found out about this. I reposted a post that I saw and spoke my opinion in this matter. It is rude. You are not even a fan of you do such a thing. A fan supports and congratulates him if they do something great. This is not congratulating him. You are no fan if you do this!! Many other fans out there are against this as well. Please, if you can, follow him again. Show your support. He needs it right now. The BIGBANG comeback is just a month away, and he’s been working his ass off to get it done for you all even with the immense amount of pressure. Doing this isn’t encouraging him. It’s discouraging him. He’s probably afraid to release the album for the band with the fans responding this way. Just reassure him that you are there for him and the group. I bet the members don’t appreciate you all doing this to their leader either…

That’s all I have to say. I’ll be back again. Thanks for reading!

– Fan Fiction Emotions –


In the latest chapter of my fan fiction between G-Dragon and my original character, I feel like I have captured some emotions for the first time in writing. I’m pretty satisfied with the job ^_^


If you haven’t been reading my new and latest fan fiction on Wattpad or AsianFanFics, there may be some spoilers here so go and read all the chapters I have out right now. Go go go!


You must have read them, great! Now it’s time for me to discuss the latest chapter πŸ˜€ In this chapter I was trying to get the two of the main leads closer, but I’m not sure if that worked. I think what I ended up doing was spiraling, and just making tension and suspense for the reader. My OC, Levy, had just gotten off the phone when she didn’t know that Ji Yong had heard her entire conversation with her best friend, Melissa. I tried to make him appear jealous in the fight/outrage that he had afterwards when the entire group of Big Bang came in. I also wanted her to have one of the members of Big Bang as her new friend, so I chose wisely by how I know some the guys personalities from interviews as to what would accommodate my character. Taeyang seemed to fit the shoe perfectly in my eyes, even though it may be slightly clichΓ© since it’s either him or TOP always used as that role. It’s okay, I like him and I think he was a great pick. Back to discussing the chapter….

I used Taeyang as a cornerstone for Levy, and I think that it will work out. There may be some twists with him along the way, but for now he will be her new good friend. He comforted Levy when she ran out after the whole ordeal, and that is when I felt that *BAM* I gave good emotions with each of them. The reader is able to feel his sincerity in wanting to comfort her from his hot-tempered friend, and she see’s him in a new light of being sweet, kind, and, most importantly, a cornerstone. Her shelter. He offers a hug and she accepts, and that my friends, is the beginning of a brand new friendship blossoming in my latest fan fiction, ‘Reach for the Impossible’.


I pretty much just gave away the ENTIRE new chapter, but that is all good. I warned you all ahead of time, if you didn’t listen that was your prerogative. Thanks for giving this a read. I missed writing on my blog, and I wanted to talk about my writing here πŸ™‚ Please, if you have time, give my story a read. I’m currently working on the next chapter, so stay tuned. See you in the next post…





– Frustrated –

Okay, I wasn’t planning on writing another post tonight, but I feel the need to voice my opinions. WordPress has been giving us a lot of new updates and changes (which is nice) BUT and there is always a ‘but’. For me, a user that doesn’t pay for a domain, a lot of the previous features are being taken away! I used to be able to customize at least a little bit with the background and colors, now I can’t 😑 I’m sorry, but WordPress, I demand that I get those features back!!! They are very important to me, and I don’t want to have to leave WordPress to start from scratch to just get another domain somewhere for those same features for free. I love WordPress! It is one of the BEST website makers for anyone out there! It has been such an honor to be able to have a site on here and even have followers all for free. I’m sorry, but I didn’t sign up on here to be forced into paying for features that I had for free not too long ago. You don’t make an account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to pay to post things, do you? No, you don’t. Sorry for ranting, but please, change it. If you don’t, I may be seriously considering leaving…



– To Read or Not To Read –

That is the question 😁 I’m back again! Another short post, but you guys should be okay with that.

I’ve been super busy, but during my limited free time I’ve been reading a lot of fan fiction. G-Dragon fan fiction. Yeah~ So I’m starting to rethink if it’s a good or bad idea to keep doing that. I only am thinking that because I am writing a GD fan fiction, so I don’t want to get distracted and not want to write anymore since I’m feeding the reading/writing hunger with a different fan fiction. Not mine….I might just be crazy, so I would disregard what I am saying lol.

On the writing note, it has been going EXTREMELY well. I have one-hundred twenty-one reads, seven votes, and I now have ten followers (I think lol)! Seeing that people out in the world like what I write about makes me happy ☺️ I think that if I was just writing my own characters, it would be slightly difficult compared to this. That is because I only have to think up a few of my own characters (one is based on my personality too) and the rest is of people who are real. Therefore I can just look them up, watch their interviews and other shows they’ve been on and discover their personality and tweak the rest of the pieces to their character the way I want it. Fan fiction really is the best thing to use to get started with in writing. Even if it isn’t for me to get a start on writing an actual book, it’s an enjoyable past-time/hobby.

That was pretty much all my post is about today. I’ve been divulging myself into the ‘fan fiction world’, so to speak, lately and wanted to talk about it. Thanks for staying with me for this long. I hope that my posts aren’t that boring! The fan fiction is up on Wattpad under the user- ‘kpop_360’ and the story is ‘Reach for the Impossible’. See you in the next post…


– Guitar & Writing –

Hi hi! This is just going to be a short post until I have more time to write. Just here to update about my latest progress with writing and guitar :3

As for guitar, I have somewhat mastered playing along with G-Dragon’s ‘R.O.D’ song πŸ˜€ I’ve got a lot of the basic chords down, and I can play a mini bar chord for Dm7. For now I’m just going to try to brush up on all the basic chords I know so then I can progress to bar chords.

Now for writing, I currently have six chapters up and one author’s note. The seventh chapter is a work-in-progress right now. It takes me longer than it should just because I am super busy with school and life, but I won’t give up on writing because of that. I have grown to really love writing. I think part of that is because I’m writing for myself, and I’m getting lucky since people in the world like what I like as well. Saying that, I have one-hundred fifteen reads and seven votes with one comment! I keep track since it means so much to me that people read it o///o

So that’s about all I have to say for now. I’ll add in this little bit of information for you. I ordered a light stick for the FTISLAND concert so hopefully it gets here in time >_< I also ordered a new wallet, so I will post a picture of it when I get it ^_^ Got to go, see you in the next post…



– Various –

There was a lot that happened since I last posted 😁 By the way, today I’m posting from my phone so there may be a lot of emoticons heh…Let’s go on with the post!

So let’s start with this: fan fiction. I told you last that I had decided to start a new fan fiction of GD with an original character. It’s official! I have finally gotten into the groove of writing πŸ˜„ My fan fiction is called ‘Reach for the Impossible’ and is up on Wattpad for all to read. It’s currently rated PG-13 since I don’t know what I’m going to do with it πŸ˜… It was posted on January 1, 2015 and since then I have gotten sixty-seven reads and one vote πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I don’t remember how many chapters are up since, but I think it’s either three or four not including the latest (and first!) authors note. The next chapter is a current work-in-progress. I’m really happy with how it’s going so wish me luck in the future. Not sure if I already said this in the last post, but I plan on it being a long fan fiction. Since its my first, I want to make something great out of it 😎

Second exciting thing: concert! As in concert, I mean KPOP CONCERT!? Whoop whoop! πŸ˜πŸŽ€πŸŽΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ The concert is for FTISLAND. Not going to say where, since I don’t want to release private information…I’m going to be ordering my light stick tomorrow off of eBay along with a bracelet. I’m hoping it gets here before the concert 😰 I bought the tix last night so I’m definitely going to be there! I can’t wait since it’s my first kpop concert. Saranghaeo Lee Hong Ki oppa! o///o

Other than those two things, nothing really new. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog since I’ve been flooded with school 😩 It’s okay though, everyone understands right? Right. I guess I’ll talk to you in the next post…



– 2015 –

I’ve finally made another post for you! As I’m writing this, it is New Years Eve where I live and 2015 will begin at midnight. The start of the new year, wow, time flies doesn’t it? One minute it is 2014 and the next it’s 2015. In 2015 there are many things I want to improve in myself, personality and physical. My personality just needs to be tweaked in the slightest of ways. I don’t want to make myself completely different or anything, I just want to be more social. That is my main goal this year. To have myself come out of my shell just a little bit more than what I already am.

2015 New Year celebration

I think I’ve said this before, but I am somewhat anti-social. I’ve never thought of it as bad thing since I have friends, and am not a complete hermit. Now that things are changing for me in life, I feel that I have to talk more and stop being so shy around people I don’t know. That is the number one change for me that I hope to complete this coming year.


If there is something physically that I want to change about myself, it is to exercise. I’m not overweight or underweight. I’m normal, but I think it will be better for me in the long run if I at least do something to stay healthy. I’m even thinking about eating slightly healthier too. I weigh 100 lb. and I think that’s just perfect for a teenager. For good blood flow, and to not be a couch potato, I need to do something new.

Besides the serious things for 2015 that I hope to achieve, there are minor things as well. I want to fully learn the guitar by the end of the year. I know some things, but I can’t really play anything. That is why my third new year’s resolution shall be to learn the guitar by 2016.


There isn’t much else I hope to achieve this new year. That about fills it up for resolutions. Now for something new to tell you about! I finally got inspiration to write again, but it is sadly towards a new fan fiction. Same base though. It is still an OC and G-Dragon fan fiction. The problem with the first one was that I didn’t like the way I made my character. This story is already planned out in my head, and I know for a fact that it will be a long story. I have already wrote two chapters and they are up on Wattpad. I believe that this fan fiction will work out, so look forward to more chapters to come soon!


Last little tid-bit. Promise. Since Christmas just passed, I obviously got gifts! I was supposed to be getting a new iPod since my other one…well you know the story. My family ended up giving me one gift. I was surprised since they told me they wouldn’t buy me anything this year; which I was okay with. The one, special gift I got…an iPhone 6! I’m really happy with it, so I wanted to share that with everyone.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Please have a Happy New Year, as well! See you in the next post…





PS- No copyright intended with the images above. They were from Google, and I’m not earning a profit therefore I’m obeying the law ;3