Art Pieces

Here is my new page I have created for you guys! I figured that since I’m an amateur artist you might want to see my art here too if you don’t want to go to my art accounts on the web. There are some rules applying to my photos displayed below though.

1) you may not post my art anywhere, even if it is fan art.

2) you can use my fan art as a reference since I drew most from references anyways.

3) when it comes to originals, I don’t allow them to be even used as references for your on OC. fan art is okay if you have asked me first.

FYI- please refer to my ‘contact me!’ page for my work email for questions on using my art. enjoy…



OCMindycolored my new OC that is my persona Mindy! No stealing her, she’s mine.

DeathTheKiddrawing a request I did on my PaigeeWorld acc. he’s Death the Kid from Soul Eater.

JushiroUkitakedrawing did this a while back when i was crazy about BLEACH. fanart of Jushiro Ukitake.

GirlAnimeRose another older drawing. used a ref for body and dress. i designed her face and hair. my oc w/o name.

LucyHeartfilia-drawing my most liked drawing on PaigeeWorld. fanart of Lucy Heartfilia (2014 version).

MakarovFTdrawing i did a digital of this too, but here is the sketch. fanart of Master Makarov of Fairy Tail.

SailorVenusdrawing did this back in July for my sister. fanart of Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon.

Natsu&Happy-young everyone has seen this already. natsu and happy fanart from when they were young.

GaLeChibis another fanart you have already seen. Gajeel and Levy from Fairy Tail.

IMG_5070 once again, another fanart you’ve seen. 3 Fairy Tail ladies, Juvia, Lucy, and Erza.

TuxedoMaskxxSailorMoon@spacewerewolf a fanart i did as a request on PaigeeWorld, no refs used, it’s Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.


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