101 News About – blogger’s domain of life spells

This is news, people! I would actually talk about important things, such as the MAMA awards or the DramaFever 2014 Awards. But I’m lazy :p so this is what you will be getting!

101 News About – blogger’s domain of life spells. If you haven’t noticed already, my site has been getting make-overs ever so often. That may keep happening since Christmas is just around the corner, and I want to have a theme ready for the celebration 😀 We’ll just cover what I have changed so far, and then we’ll discuss what has happened with my social media.


The few things I have changed start off with editing my ‘Contact Me!’ page. I took off my email there since I decided that I don’t want anyone to ask me questions. It just has to do with privacy reasons. I feel too exposed doing that. Another thing I changed there, is that I removed my Twitter and Instagram. As you already know, or if you’re new you might not, I deleted those two social media accounts. If you want to know about it, go to my post about it.

I have also updated my fan fiction page, K-pop Fanfics, with the latest chapter of my fan fiction. I have even changed my profile picture to the hamster from Hamtaro. Thought it was cute, and it fits me with the way everything is moving right now. The GaLe profile picture wasn’t working anymore. I still love that OTP, but I’ve just grown away from anime a bit. I have even changed the colors of my page. The background (as you see) is light green with the linked text a turquoise/blue. I’m also trying to change the kind of titles I come up with. I just want it to seem a little more professional. That way I can broaden my readers to people of all ages (if you’re interested in what I write). I think that sums it up, but one last thing on this topic. When I talk about my self, blog changes, and social media, it will be under the name ‘101 News About – blogger’s domain of life spells’. Hopefully I won’t post this too often, since I know it can get boring.

Social media buttons

My social media is another story that has been ended. Instagram and Twitter are gone. I decided not to leave PaigeeWorld due to a very sweet artist commenting and supporting me to keep going. It helped since I was already thinking about not leaving. If you didn’t know, I had a different blog before this one. It was called ‘NekoBooks’. I reviewed books there, but I stopped awhile ago due to it being boring, and it felt like it wasn’t fun at all. So I recently have said goodbye to my beginning here on WordPress. Yes, I deleted it. I no longer needed it, and had no inspiration to do anything there anyways. Thank you to all my followers there, and hopefully you now read this blog!

That’s it my friends. I told you last week that I won’t be able to post much, so I will be coming back again tomorrow! I’m so excited to 😀 I will be talking about GD again, and about how I feel as a fan about his music evolving. Maybe even something more will be spoken about ^_~ I’ll see you in the next post…





PS- I don’t own any of the images above. I edited the first one, but not the second. I found both on Google. No copyright intended since I’m not making a profit :3