hello ;3

ahh, this post is basically me just babbling since I have nothing betta ta do XD ‘kay, I am hear to see if I can get your guys’ advice on something. Gehee, does anyone have some ideas on what I should write fanfiction for? I want to do a Fairy Tail fanfic, but I think none of my ideas are original enough. A lot of them are these: fluffy OTP fanfictions (GaLe, NaLu, Gruvia, Jerza, etc.), crossovers with other animes I like, adding my own OC in their world of Fiore, maybe some random fics of stories I think of for them. Those are my ideas, but since I have been reading a lot of fanfiction I really don’t know think they’re original enough since that is all I see. And in order for those ideas to be bright and original, I have to have a REALLY great storyline and REALLY great characters. It’s hard, I know that, but I know I should just start typing up something since I have been wanting to write for so long already. Anyways, leave me your ideas in the comments below! Thanks again for hearing me out 😳😆