– Is My Writing Bad? –

I’ve been feeling that my blog posts have been…lame. No new information for everyone, my writing is bland, etc. For me, even though I want to fix those problems, the only way to improve is for me to keep blogging regardless of what everyone else thinks of it. If you ever want to get better at anything, keep doing it. Non-stop.

Other than that, sorry for not posting! I was supposed to post a part two of the last post, and haven’t done it yet. I would finish it, but I don’t think anyone really cares about the past. You’re more interested in what I’m doing right now, right? See! I knew it. ‘Kay, let’s get started with whatever pops out of my brain.


Lately I’ve been listening to newbie at YG Entertainment. If you don’t know, that is the company that manages BIGBANG and 2NE1. I feel that many fans of the work of YG give too much crap to the new artists. We should think about it this way: BIGBANG and 2NE1 started off the same, exact way. It’s not fair to keep putting them down if they have potential. I don’t know too many new trainees names, but I’ve seen the comments on YT about it. If you were me, you wouldn’t have wanted to read what I saw. Bunch of groundless rumors and lies, etc. about the trainee.


So~ the artist I’ve been liking that is new is Lee Hi. A lot of people already like her even though she is new, but I know that she will make it to the top. Her voice is so…deep, sexy, kind, controlled, and the pitch is amazing. Not squeaky like what I’ve heard from other singers. Even famous singers get that squeaky mouse voice when they sing high pitch! Yeah, I like her. She has been rockin’ my world along with Tablo and K. Will.

O-kay, new thing! I will be getting a new iPod to replace my broken *cough* dead *cough* one. Not sure what color yet. My old one was blue, and I don’t know if I want a different color. Might just stick with the blue. It is the nicest color out the selection you get, to be honest.


As for my k-drama addiction, I’m currently watching ‘Flower Boys Next Door’ starring Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon. There is a little backstory with this drama and I. I watched about…14? maybe 13 episodes almost two years ago and never finished it. Since it’s been so long I decided to just watch it from the beginning. The drama is a little slow since the main character that Shin Hye is playing is a little difficult. Introvert. Hermit. Non-social. All of those cover the main character, BUT she is still an amazing character with a voice behind closed doors. No matter what, I really like this drama so far. The guy is really cute too >///< I don’t recommend watching this with a guy. He will probably be bored since it’s full of good-looking men and the story is a little to slow for their brain capacity lol. It’s a girl show, and I LOVE IT! Obviously lol I’m a girl haha.

Other than all that stuff, I won’t be able to say anything specifically about k-pop artists (what’s going on, etc) until the New Year. So until 2015, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!





PS- I don’t own the images above; no copyright intended. I got them off of Google. I’m not getting a profit from them, therefore I am obeying the law ;3


– December: a busy month [pt.1-2] –

Hi there. I know I haven’t posted for awhile, but December has been a busy month for myself. Lot’s of things going on life wise, so I haven’t gotten the time to post (;_;) I’m here now, so let’s celebrate! I hope I can post more often, but as I already said. It’s been busy, and will be staying busy.

There are MANY things to talk about today. I might end up making this post part one of two since there’s so much. Lot’s of things to cover, let’s list a few shall we?

  • K-Dramas, K-Variety Shows, etc.
  • K-pop (that’s all I need to say for you to know it will be long xD)
  • Music, music, & more MUSIC
  • Something sad happened, technology wise lol
  • Writing
  • Books!
  • Movies, hehe
  • Life (updates on why I’ve been less frequent)
  • Christmas (how my Christmas will be going and other things concerning the holiday ^^)
  • Tumblr

As you see, that’s a lot there. Might not even be able to post it in two posts. SO much to cover :p There’re a few other things not listed since they’re small topics. I should’ve posted more lol. Look at all that has piled up for myself. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I just wanted to vent my feels on something I *stupidly* said while talking to my dad? Ugh, I’ve been stressing over it so so much that it’s not even funny.


Let’s start off with music. Music. Hey? Yeah you, music, stop ruining my life! That’s what I have to say to it. I’ve been listening to way too many singers/bands that I can’t even count how many fandoms I belong to xD. So sad, right? As you already know, Tablo has recently taken over my music library. Along with his group Epik High. And now even K. Will has made me so happy in ways I couldn’t imagine. Is that even possible? To be so happy with a person you have never even met? I don’t know! Then Jack Johnson (an American acoustic singer) has made me feel so relaxed lately that I feel ever so grateful to him.

To top it off, not only has music taken over my life, it’s taking over my variety shows! I started watching k-pop variety shows too…I think I need more friends. Right? My friends call me a hermit, maybe I should start believing them and take a plunge into social life. I don’t think I would fare well with that though. Anyways, that’s an entirely different topic. I need to stop spiraling.


Books. I don’t even know what to say about this. I feel that I need to get back into reading. It was really good activity for me, since all I do now is browse the web (which isn’t healthy lol). First book that I will be reading, is the newest book in the ‘Michael Vey’ series by Richard Paul Evans. Then I will read the rest of the books on my shelf that are unread. After that, buying more books in January will be a New Years Resolution. Hey! There is a new post I will be making for New Years!!! Look forward to that one ^^


I need to listen to that saying up there. ‘Keep Calm and Write Something’. Great advice. Hopefully I can follow it and not wander. My fanfiction needs to be updated by the end of the month. Remember when I said I wanted to have three new chapters for it out this month? That is very unlikely to happen. My life has been so cray-cray lately that there’s no time (;_;) Still, I will make time for at least one chapter this month. Don’t forget, all the chapters for my fanfiction are in the K-Pop Fanfics page!


Man, just looking at the picture above makes me want to cry. I told you something sad happened technology wise right? Let’s hear my sad story about the death of my iPod 5th generation that only lasted two years…

I, stupid and ignorant, left my purse on the back of my dad’s car in the garage. I did it just because I was putting my pet’s crate away. Then I go inside looking for my purse. I totally forgot where it was. Searched up and down, then my dad says, “I’m going to the store,” my response, “Yeah, okay bye.” STILL forgot. Then he got back, and I asked him if he saw my purse. He said yes. Last time he saw it on the back of his car. Then we find out that the purse went for a little drive. Outside of the car though, with my iPod in it. And my wallet. And ID. Went down to look for it, never found it. We never got it back till five o’clock in the afternoon. Somebody found it in the local library’s parking lot. Total lie. He never went to the library lol. Anyways, we got it back, everything besides my cheap earbuds were in the purse. Sadly, my iPod got ran over. By a car. It’s crushed. Censory is broken. Screen is trashed. I don’t think there is any hope for the poor thing. Luckily, all my music is on my Mac.


That is the story of how my iPod died. LOL I’m so stupid. Why I put it on the back of the car? No clue. Thinking back I’m like, “WTF, who puts their purse on the back of a car?” So yeah. Don’t know when I’ll get a new one. It’s Christmas soon, so maybe I’ll get lucky. I’m very depressed over this. Without it, no rainwater to put me to sleep, no alarm, no constant texting, no reading fanfiction, no music wherever I go, etc. I don’t think anyone would realize how much they use their device until it’s gone. What really sucks, is if I get a new one, it will be my third XD I had a fourth generation back in 2010. My brother-in-law broke that one in 2011, so I didn’t get a new one till a year later at Christmas. There you have it, my 5th generation iPod got ran over. I survived before without it for a year, maybe I can do it again (?)

The post has gotten so long, that I will split it up for a second post. It will be posted later today, so look forward to hearing more out of me with what I’ve been doing. Thanks for reading! See you in the next post…





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“Good Boy” by G Dragon & Taeyang (KPOP Song of the Week)

Ha-ha! I got to the review first >:3 Wh I’m happy about that? I have no clue lol. There’s a lot to talk about in my next post, so be looking forward to it. I miss you all ❤


Modern Seoul

Hello and welcome to this weeks Modern Seoul KPOP Song of the Week, the second for December 2014. Although there were a number of very interesting new releases recently, we’ve chosen the new release by Big Bang members G Dragon and Taeyang. The song is titled “Good Boy” and it was released on Thursday November 20th. Since then the video has been viewed around 17 million times on the Big Bang YouTube Channel. Here are our reasons for choosing “Good Boy” for our KPOP song of the week:

  • Firstly the song is fast paced and features a hip dance track as well as strong vocals.
  • Secondly the video is pretty wild and fun, as you’d expect from GD and Taeyang.
  • Finally G Dragon and Taeyang are basically KPOP royalty and therefore can be counted on to produce quality songs.
  • On the negative side; the video doesn’t feature…

View original post 137 more words

– Nervous & More Music –

How are you all liking the new style with the titles? The dashes look nice and clean to me. I’ve been hearing that in the web world; flat and clean is the hot style right now. Decided to try it since it’s the whole modern-thing, and I like modern. Ahem, anyways…Today we’re going to discuss how nervous I am, and more music 😀


So~ I have a recital tomorrow 😐 I’m very nervous, even though I shouldn’t be since there’s no judging at all. All you do is play. I’ve practiced enough, and I know I’m ready. The butterflies still come to me though (~_~”) Ah, I wish I could be like GD, and perform with swag and confidence lol. He probably gets nervous too right? Okay, maybe not. Since he’s done it forever. So have I though! I’ve been playing since I was six or five years old (don’t remember which), and have done recitals all the time. I just get nervous about playing in front of other people.

My teacher and I were talking about it, and I told her something that she should’ve told me. ‘There’s really only kids and old people who don’t care anyways,’ yeah that’s the truth people. No judges, nada. Just parents there to listen to you, and kids who don’t really give a s**t. All the time, I get nervous because I feel I have to prove something to the audience. Why, I have no clue. It’s just the way I am. Let’s just wish myself luck, and hope I play wonderfully for people who don’t really care. Okay? Okay.


More music. Again. Everyone here knows I love my music, so you don’t mind do ya? Moving on…Have you ever liked a singer or group so much, that you read up on EVERYTHING about them? Is it weird do that? I’m not sure, but I think many people do it. Or not…Well I did it. I told you a couple posts back that I really liked Epik High and Tablo. Wanting to learn a little more about the group and Tablo, I did some reading :3 It was pretty interesting to read about Tablo. I said before that he had troubles with his image and how Korea views him. Sadly, I learned more about it and it broke my heart.

The guy went to Standford University for college. He was there for three and a half years. While there he earned a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in English and Creative Writing. Even though he had all the legal documents to prove that he went and got those, no one believed him. He had this huge controversy with it where he even went to Stanford again making a documentary to prove it. The school re-printed his degrees, and the teachers even said that it was true. No one believed though! Then the police of Korea decided to step in and they even confirmed it. There was a specific commenter and some others that were accusing him of not having the degrees (like severe accusations). After the police confirmed it, those commenters were sued by Tablo. Even after everything, a lot of people still couldn’t believe he got those degrees in three and a half years.

Poor guy, but he stuck through all his problems. There’s a lot more I could say about him, but it’ll get kind of boring. Yeah, he’s amazing. I would’ve hid in a hole if people were doing that to me. He actually fixed the problem; even if a lot of the citizens didn’t believe it.

Other than that, I can’t really say much. I haven’t ventured out to try other groups lately. Maybe in a few days or a week I’ll find something new. For now, I’m happy where I am with what I listen to. Every artist and group I listen to are amazing to me in their own way. Before I go, I want to say few more things.


I finished My Love From Another Star! It was fantastic, I loved it. The ending, hated it. They could’ve made it so much better than it was, that’s why I was disappointed. So much potential, but they didn’t really try. Ah, well that’s the way the cookie crumbles XD

I told my friend about my blog yesterday, and she thought it was kind of cool. She doesn’t get interested to easily when I talk about what I like. We’re great friends, but we are kind of complete-opposites with our tastes. Even so, she somewhat liked the topic of my blog. No one, no friends or family, know how to find my blog lol. I have only told her and my parents. Neither of the parties know the name of my blog though XD. It’s a little funny if you think about it. I tell them I have a blog, but you can never find or read it. Hehe

My fanfiction is currently on hold since I’m a little busy with the holidays and school. I’m hoping I can work on it this weekend or next week though. So just hang tight, and I’ll try to get something up! I really want to get two or three chapters out by the end of December, no promises though ^_~

Thanks for stopping by to hear (or read lol) me ramble on about myself. Once again, thank you for all the likes and follows lately! It’s greatly appreciated, as always ❤ If you have a specific topic you want me to discuss, I’m not shy to different things! Go ahead and leave me a comment about it, and I’ll try to get to it. Not like my blog’s on a schedule or anything :3 See you in the next post…





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– Podcasts –

Podcasts is the title today, and for a good reason too! My father likes listening to podcasts all the time, and he told me to give it a try. I wasn’t all that sure about it. What am I supposed to listen to for my age on there? Right? I was wrong. There are k-pop podcasts! Tyler Oakley, from YouTube, even has his very own podcast. I listen to: PsychoBabble (Tyler Oakley) and This Week in KPop. They also have a variety of things to listen to, so just go and try it. Best of all, it’s free! All of it, no joke. If you’re an Apple user (iPhone, iTouch, etc.), more than likely, you get it for free with the built-in podcast application. Almost forgot, I have one on there to teach me korean lol. Haven’t used it yet (so much school, no time), but I will.


The k-pop podcast is great. They post a podcast once a week, covering all the music videos released, and sometimes more! Josh and Stephen (the hosts), are so fun to listen to. I love hearing other peoples opinions on k-pop, so when I hear their (sometimes) constructive critism, I normally agree. Somethings I disagree on, but I really like to hear what they have to say. Plus! It keeps me up to date in the k-pop world 😀


PsychoBabble is another good one. Tyler and Korey are the best hosts EVER! They make jokes all the time, and if I’m feeling down I just listen to what they have to say. It makes me happy to hear it. It’s weird, their goofy-ness is…addictive? I don’t know! Just try it!

Thank you so so much for the great feedback yesterday! All the commenting is greatly appreciated :3 I love when you give your opinions, it helps me in my thinking process for the blog. Thanks for the new followers and likes on my past two posts! Not much for me to say, heh. Might make another post for me just to ramble about what I’ve been watching, and other things. See you in the next post…(or in a few minutes???)





PS- Images above aren’t mine! No copyright intended, all credit goes to the creators. I got the Psychobabble picture from Google, and the This Week in KPOP picture was a screenshot. I’m not making a profit from using them, so I’m obeying the law ;3

Epik High, Tablo, and MAMA 2014.

Told you I would make another post. Before I move on to the main topic, I would like to say something. I will not be making a new blog. Forget about my post before. One of my followers said a few things, and it made me think about it differently. Thanks so much, you know who you are!

Now for the main spectacle today 😀 It is Epik High and Tablo. I never liked rap before, I practically hated it. Ever since I listened to k-pop, I was slowly introduced to it in a lighter way than in the U.S. You’re probably thinking, ‘How do you like Epik High and Tablo if you disliked rap? All they do is rap!’. Yes! All they do is rap, which is very weird for me to like it. It all has to do with the meaning behind the lyrics.


I was introduced to Tablo from watching NOMTOM on YouTube. He kept saying his favorite rapper was Tablo, and I’m like, ‘Maybe I’ll try it.’. So I did, and guess what? I didn’t like it. Then I decided to look deeper into the meaning of his songs, so that I could give him a chance. Reading about him, and his music, inspired me.

This guy has been given a hard time since he’s from somewhere other than SK. I felt bad for him since he really does have a lot of talent. Now he is more accepted. His lyrics are written from his own experiences in his life, and how he’s feeling. The songs are deep, and dark. Not bad dark, but just…depressing dark. Since he feels sometimes pressured to be really good because he has to look good to the public. With him having a kid, it makes him want to try even harder for her. After a few listens to Epik High and his solo tracks, I really liked him and understood why a lot of people admire him.

Personally, I enjoy his solo tracks a lot more than Epik High since it has a lot more feels. The lyrics feel real. Not that his group’s don’t, I just like a lot of emotion in music. I’m not saying I dislike Epik High, I LOVE Epik High! I’m a real fan of them, especially with their new album released in October this year.


It’s called ‘Shoebox’, and most know of the song ‘Born Hater’. A lot of cussing in it, and it’s harcore rap. Most won’t like it since it’s a constant rap, but I love it. The meaning, people, is HUGE in this song. He collaborated with other artists that were having fan problems of their own. Many misunderstandings and controversies are covered with the rappers in here. What they do in this song, is rap about it. They let out their frustrations, and make it seem really crude, but in the end it’s just them playing around since everything the media says is annoying. It’s a lot of sarcasm, from my point of view. They wanted to address these problems, and they did it through a song so it wouldn’t be taken that hard by the media. I think they did a fantastic job with the way it was put together.

You’re probably wondering what happened to MAMA 2014, right? No worries, I just wanted to talk about the group itself and Tablo first. As most k-pop fans know, MAMA 2014 started yesterday. Some amazing groups were invited to perform! Epik High, B1A4, EXO, etc. There was also solo artists and collaborations, like GD and Taeyang.

Epik High obviously performed, as stated above. They performed ‘Happen Ending’ (i love, love, this song!!!), of course it was GREAT! My favorite perfomance though, was their ‘Born Hater’ perfomance. I really wished all the rappers were there, but it was still amazing with most of them. I loved hearing it live.

 They are just so talented, it’s so enjoyable to watch. ///wishiwasthere///So that’s it for my post today. I hope it wasn’t boring, I put all my feels into it. I like artists/groups that I can connect with through the emotion and meaning of the music. Thanks for the new follows and all the likes on the past post! See you in the next post…





PS- I don’t own the images used above! I got them off of Google, no copyright intended. I’m not gaining any profit, so I’m obeying the law ;3 The video is a link from YouTube, all credit to MAMA 2014 and YG Entertainment.

New Blog or No?

This is just going to be a simple post. It’s pretty much all about the title. New blog or no? That’s the question. I’ve noticed that I talk a lot about k-pop here, and I’m wondering if my readers like or dislike it. Since it sometimes get’s annoying to read something that only the writer loves (I’ve been in the same spot as you fellow readers), I was thinking about making a separate blog for just k-pop. Although, if you like me talking about it, I won’t make a new one. Due to me noticing that no one has commented when I ask *evil glare*, you  can give your response this way! Just vote in the poll below, please :3 It will be very helpful to have feedback. Love you all, and look forward to another post in a matter of minutes!







Christmas & MAMA 2014

I’m here again, hehe. Today I will be covering Christmas, and how it’s going for myself. Maybe give a few tips here and there. Then there’s the MAMA 2014 Awards. It will be airing today, possibly already started, have no clue. I do plan on watching it though! GD and Taeyang will be performing, so I will be watching from the YouTube sidelines 😀 There is another thing I want to talk about, but I’ll save it for the end :3


Oh~ Christmas tree, Oh~ Christmas tree! It’s time to bring out the decorations, and deck the halls. December started yesterday, making it the countdown till the big day. You know, I think this holiday doesn’t get real credit. You may be thinking, ‘Well, we spend money left and right, decorate inside and out, and we definitely celebrate Christmas.’ I know you do! I just believe that the real meaning of Christmas has been over-shadowed over the years.

Especially in the 21st century, people just want Christmas to come for presents. Not for the joy, family time, or to celebrate the birth of Christ. If you aren’t religious or don’t have a relationship with God, I know you will disagree with me. That He isn’t real, or all this other crap. Let’s focus on it in this point of view: Christmas was made and celebrated for Jesus. It wasn’t celebrated for gifts. The birth of Christ made the holiday, and it’s a proven fact.

With all that aside, my point is quite simple. Please enjoy Christmas with your family and friends. It is meant to be a meaningful holiday, but I feel that everyone just likes it for the sparkles and gifts. It’s about joy. Make it and keep it that way.

Decorating is a lot of work in my house lol. Since my house is somewhat large, it takes a while to get everything up. That includes the lights on the house too. We haven’t even finished outdoors yet. There’s only one thing left, but that one takes the longest. They are these mini light-up trees you stick in the ground next to the pathway leading to your front door. You have to assemble then make sure it is perfectly straight, ugh. I think I’m a perfectionist with decorating  <(-_-“)>

My tip of the day with decorating, take your time! Bring out the Christmas music, or any music. Put it at full volume, have a cup of coffee (or tea…or coco), and just go slow and ENJOY yourself! If you do it that way, proven by myself, it’s very very fun ^^


Last little tid bit. I think this already started O.o Looked it up, and I’m pretty sure it did. Oh well, I’m going to watch it on YouTube anyways…On another note! I’m very excited to see this. I’m hoping GD and Taeyang perform their new single :3 But now I’m wondering what GD will perform ^^ B1A4 is going to be in this too. I think EXO too. Weren’t they there last year? Ji Yong and Taeyang were too…I don’t know! Whatever, I’m just going to enjoy the show.

I tried to vote for this thing like…a month ago? The website was so weird. Put all my info in, but when I was making a password, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING would work. So after twenty minutes, I quit. Might try again to vote for Youngbae-oppa, no promises though. I really hated that website >:[

Okay, this is the end of my too-long-of-a-post post. I told you I wanted to say something at the end earlier, and I’m saying it now. My stats went really low the past two days. I’m not upset or anything, but it’s just weird :/ Tell me in the comments if you want me to change anything (no promises if I will), or if you have anything you want me to discuss! I really want your feedback. Thanks again for my new followers ❤ See you in the next post…





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XOXO…and K-Pop Happenings?

XOXO, hugs and kisses for all! I’m back from my slight hiatus, my little dragons. It was a nice break 🙂 The break was needed since I’ve been needing to do a lot of different things. The house got decorated for Christmas! My dog got to come in for the winter 😀 Got to focus on my algebra class, and got help on the things I wasn’t understanding. My app for music also stopped operating, so I needed to find a website for free music and get all 300+ songs onto my iPod again 😦 Good news, I did find that website, and I already got a start on transfering all my songs to iPod ^^ If you want the same site, go here, and you should be all good.

Today I have come back to talk about a few different k-pop artists I have been listening to without saying anything about!








If you’re a k-pop fan, you should be able to recognize these artists immediately. If not, don’t worry! The list of names are as follows:

  • Trouble Maker (Hyuna & Jang Hyun-seung from B2ST)
  • IU
  • Seungri
  • K. Will
  • EXO-K
  • B.A.P
  • B1A4

To be completely honest with you, I listen to a lot of music without knowing what the singers themselves look like. I know, it’s strange to never try to find out, but I don’t. With saying this, I didn’t know what B1A4, B.A.P, EXO-K (besides Chan-yeol), and K. Will looked like until I got the pictures for my blog lol.

Besides that, the singers and groups here are AMAZING. I love them, even if it is for just one song. I guess you already knew that I listened to B1A4 though…It’s okay, there are others that I haven’t listed since I listen to only one song by each.

I also thought that I wouldn’t like EXO or B.A.P since it’s so mainstream (BB is the same I guess…), but I gave it a try and liked some of each groups songs. ‘XOXO’ and ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ from EXO are beautiful songs. When it comes to B.A.P, I don’t listen to them that much, but I do especially like ‘Stop It’. IU and K. Will have been the two that I have listened to for the longest. I love their music so much. By the way, I never knew what K. Will looked like so when I saw him I literally gasped. He is so.handsome.sexy. *drools* wow, I certainly missed out by not looking him up XD Although, he looks like a handsome (sorry Daesung-oppa) version of Daesung from BIGBANG.

For Seungri, I never really liked him at all. Just for some reason, I kept looking at him *STARES*, and noticed how good looking he was >///< So I tried his music again, and found a favorite! I love his songs ‘Come to My’ and ‘Love Box’. I’m certainly looking forward to more music from him in the future :3 As for Trouble Maker, I have always liked Hyuna, I just stopped listening to her for no reason at all. Then there is Hyun-seung oppa from B2ST, you all know I LOVE B2ST, so of course the duo sparked my interest. Tried their song ‘Trouble Maker’, oh my gosh, that song is everything *exaggeration* to me///sohappy////My ultimate favorite song from them is that one for sure. Then B1A4 is just something I decided to try since I remember watching their MV five years ago. Now, I’m definitely a B1A4 fan. And CNU, he’s so handsome ❤

Thanks for reading my ramble on who I love lol. Hopefully my next post will be more productive. I just want to thank everyone again for giving me amazing stats even when I wasn’t here for about a week. It is truly appreciated when you follow, like, and read my blog. See you in the next post…





PS- I don’t own the images above, all credit is given to the photographers. Got all images from Google, and I’m not using this for a profit, so I’m obeying the law ;3